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$ 138

COLOR: Walnut & Ebony
Archer - Walnut & Ebony Sunglasses by JORD Archer - Kosso & Maple Sunglasses by JORD

Shine With Me

The archer collection is a standout pair of sunglasses with bold contrast. Made from 100% natural wood and reinforced with steel, each pair is manufactured from a single block of multi-layered Walnut and Ebony hardwoods. Vibrant wood grain is accentuated with a single ribbon of 999 pure silver along each arm. Classic wayfarer design with a flair for conversation.

Man wearing JORD Archer - Walnut & Ebony sunglasses


We’ve traveled the world to bring the finest materials to Archer collection. Every element is considered for quality, finish, and durability.

Polarized Columbia Resin 39 Lenses

Introduced by the Amorite Lense Company in California, CR 39 eyewear lenses are a thermal-cured plastic offer superior wearability optical clarity. Polarized to reduce glare and block UV rays that are harmful to the eyes.

999 Silver Inlay

Think layer of 999 silver reinforces each arm of the Archer series. Subtle accent for both look and durability.

Flexible Spring Hinges

Premium flex hinges allow eyewear arms to flex in both directions to improve comfort and reduce breakability.

East Africa (Mozambique)
Grain Pattern
Grain is typically straight or sometimes irregular, with a fine, uniform texture. Has a high level of natural luster.
Tree Height
75 ft average
2430 lbf (Janka Hardness)
Eastern Europe
Grain Pattern
The grain seen in walnut is typically straight, but can be irregular including: burl, crotch, and curly variants. The texture is uniform, with a moderate natural luster.
Tree Height
95 ft average
1220 lbf (Janka Hardness)


Archer Sizing Diagram

Model Number



CR39 polarized (dark grey)


Natural Walnut & Ebony
999 Silver reinforced arms
Flex hinges

Warranty & Care

12 mo limited manufacturer warranty
14 day hassle-free returns
post-warranty service available
FREE folding travel case

FREE! Folding
Travel Case

Each pair of Archer sunglasses includes a $25 travel case free of charge. A beautifully designed case with rigid exterior and suede lined interior. Folds open to store your glasses and easily collapses to fit in your purse or back pocket. The perfect compliment to keep your Archer in perfect shape for years to come.