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Mica of Away From the Blue - JORD Blog A while back we met Mica, a fabulous blogger from Queensland, Australia, and she is another proponent of conscious consumerism. JORD Logo 844-888-5673 844-888-5673 Credit Card
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Mica of Away From the Blue - JORD Blog


A while back we met Mica, a fabulous blogger from Queensland, Australia, and she is another proponent of conscious consumerism. She reviewed one of our most popular series, Fieldcrest Black, and we loved working with her so much we wanted the full scoop on all things Mica! If you’ve struggled when curating your own clothing style, you could benefit from some of her many tips.

Our featured gal, Mica - and her featured pup, Cooper!

JORD:  Mica, you use your blog as a fashion diary, almost a daily journal for your relationship with your wardrobe! What would you say is the biggest benefit to opening up your closet to the world of blogging?

MICA: Definitely the feedback! There's the honest feedback from myself when I review the photos - somehow the photos make it easier to be critical than looking at something in a mirror. I'm getting better at realizing what does and doesn't look good on me, just by having the photos. I'm no expert by any means, but I can see I've had some terrible outfits that passed the mirror test in the morning, and I can avoid repeating those outfits again. Plus there is the feedback from people who read my blog - they will sometimes give me suggestions on what to wear or how to style something differently. I really value the readers who give me feedback like that, I've built up quite a few friendships.

JORD:  Like many people you work in a business casual office environment.  Do you think these relaxed requirements at work have been detrimental to society’s overall style? 

MICA: Yes and no. There is certainly a trend that arises in the office where you can see people trying to push the boundaries of business casual - wearing something 'good enough' that meets the minimum requirements. I think everyone has phases like that. I know I have! But at the same time, I see the requirements in the office being influenced by the style of the city they are in, and not necessarily being the driving force for the overall city style. For example, there are many workplaces in Brisbane that are business casual. I've worked in a few, and I'd say the levels of professional dress varied in each. But ties would be an extreme rarity in most of those offices. Where in the offices in Sydney (same company, same dress code) suits and ties are normal and it's the lack of a tie that would stand out, rather than the addition of a tie. I think the culture and atmosphere of the city influences the implementation of the 'business casual' requirements.

JORD:  Do you prefer online or in-person shopping? What are the benefits/downsides to both?

MICA: Overall I prefer online shopping. There is a wider selection, and it's easier to find extra discount codes on top of your purchases. I think if you're really conscious of your measurements and sizes it's a breeze shopping online. I've always preferred the ability to easily find the best deal and the right size when shopping online. There's just a bigger selection available. Lately though I've been enjoying shopping in-store, as your body changes so much with's nice to try things on before you buy. Time-wise online shopping wins again though!

JORD: You’ve committed to tracking your purchases and the frequency of wearing them in order to create a wardrobe you can enjoy and get the most use out of. Why do so many of us buy clothes that we don’t ever wear or enjoy? How do we make our clothing preferences match our shopping habits?

MICA: This is something I have been grappling with even before starting the blog. I don't have all the answers, but I'm improving as I go along. I think the reasons of why people buy what they do are very individualized. Overall though I think it comes down to seeing shopping as an activity and not a means to an end. So you might go shopping once a week regularly, just to spend time with friends/family, and of course you'll find lots of cute things, but you are likely to buy more and to buy things that wouldn't work as well with your wardrobe than if you had gone shopping with the goal in mind to buy something in particular that fills a need or gap in your wardrobe. And you're likely to have a lot of nice things but no particular times or events in mind to wear them, so they end up buried in your wardrobe.

I think the best thing is to go shopping with a list - just like when you're grocery shopping! You always buy what you need and don't miss things when you shop to a list. Where if you go in 'just to grab a few things - you end up buying more than expected and often forget the essentials. Or maybe that's just me!

JORD: You’re a new Mom to a little boy! Do you apply these rules to buying for him? What are your tips for helping new parents spend wisely when buying for their kids? 

MICA: Like most new parents I think I go a little overboard on buying baby clothes! The best thing to do to spend wisely for kid's clothes is to look for second hand first, and shop the sales. I will always stop by Target when I'm passing to see if there are any cute kids clothes on sale. I love onesies for easy changes, but everyone will have their own preferences. I think you can have a lot of fun with kid's clothes, so just go for it! When you can get brand new clothes in store for as little as a dollar you can go a bit crazy, but they are only going to let you dress them for so long, may as well enjoy it while you can!

JORD:  What do you waste your time doing?

MICA: Social media! I'm terrible for deciding to just quickly check my phone while baby naps, and before I know it I've lost half an hour on Instagram. I'm really trying to cut down on the time I spend on it.

JORD: What do you wish you had more time for?

MICA: Baby cuddles, and just being 'in the moment'. Those occasions where we can just sit and enjoy time as a family, with no agenda, no need to worry about what I'm doing next or having to rush out the door or finish the housework. They are rare but I value them! I try to cram all of the 'must do' things into baby's naps during the day so that our time together can be leisurely and unhurried.

JORD: What should humanity – as a whole – spend more time doing?

MICA: Being kind. There are lots of different ways to interpret being kind, but none of them are negative! It would be so good to have a world filled with more kindness. And it's something we can all contribute to in our own way, today.

JORD: This person inspires you – who is the first person that’s popped into your head?

MICA: My son. It is incredible watching him grow and learn. My husband and I will frequently marvel over the little things he does, how quickly he learns and how he is so happy and laid back. Children really are full of wonder and ready for anything. And his determination...especially when it comes to trying to get at things he shouldn't be! He is always impressing me.

JORD: If you were rich enough for just one luxury – the rest of your life would remain the same – what would it be?

MICA: Having an unlimited handbag fund! I'd have no idea where I'd store all of the handbags though! I'd love to be able to go out and buy a handbag on a whim, and not have to save up for it like I do now. So many pretty bags in the world, but such limited funds...

This girl has a seriously enviable handbag collection. 

Thanks again to Mica for using a bit of her precious time to talk with us!  We are loving all our new internet friends. Be sure to check out Mica’s blog, Away From the Blue to see her clothing journey roll on. Till next time!