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How JORD Does 4th of July Recently, the Independence holiday afforded us all a three day weekend to be super American (fireworks, barbecues, aquatic activities), and we used the opportunity to explore a bit further and for a bit longer than our typical weekends allow. JORD Logo 844-888-5673 844-888-5673 Credit Card
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How JORD Does 4th of July


The JORD team enjoys the dog days of summer just like everyone else. Though this summer in St. Louis it’s more raining cats and dogs than the hot hot heat we’re used to, we have still managed to enjoy the longer days the summer schedule brings. When we aren’t at work, we’re out exploring everything that our Midwestern town has to offer…or just Netflixing for hours on end. To each their own, right? :)

Recently, the Independence holiday afforded us all a three day weekend to be super American (fireworks, barbecues, aquatic activities), and we used the opportunity to explore a bit further and for a bit longer than our typical weekends allow.

If you’ve been dying to know more about the people that make JORD tick, read on. Several members of the team have shared a bit from their holiday, along with photographic proof that they weren’t just binge watching OITNB. 

Paul Saitta, Marketing Manager

Being located in St. Louis is quite the blessing when it comes to long weekends. There are plenty of activities around the area that I like to take advantage of with my better half, Ashley. We had a chance to check out one of the local hot spots, Grant’s Farm, over the weekend. There is nothing more American than seeing a Bald Eagle while drinking Busch on the 4th of July.  

One of the better perks of Grant’s Farm – if you’re 21 and up you earn two free beers just for visiting the park. Cheers!

Abby Peskorse, Director of Retail Development

Though I live and work in St. Louis my heart is never far from Los Angeles. My sister and her family have lived there for the past 12 years and I make it a point to go out and see them as often as possible. I have a niece and two nephews who are growing like weeds out there in the California sun and my older nephew Louis just turned 3. I spent the majority of my holiday weekend wrangling him. On the 4th we spent the day at the pool and Louis was not into leaving; if you know a three year old, you know how utterly useless trying to reason with them can be.

 I spent nearly 20 minutes negotiating with him to vacate the hot tub so we could get changed and eat dinner before heading off to watch fireworks. Turns out, he’s a better negotiator than me. For the rest of my trip he owned my watch. I have to admit, it looked pretty good on him. 

Dan Tardiff, Marketing Manager

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a pretty fair skinned guy (see photo for proof). I once had a man tell me it “looks like I had been living in a body cast my whole life.” When it comes to anything outdoors, I make sure to have my spf 30 close at hand. The 4th of July weekend was no different as I visited a friend’s lake house with my lovely, beautiful, dearest wife (she might be reading this). Other than a slight hiccup with the boat, the weekend was great as we had our fair share of our grilled meats and cold beers. 

Best of all, no sunburn. Win!

Salman Shah, Chief Brand Officer

I love St. Louis. I really do. However, when my better half, who is currently living in San Francisco, California, invites me out to enjoy a weekend on the Pacific coast, I oblige.  Highlights of the trip included visiting the house that the hit 90s series, Full House, was recorded in (you got it dude), a cruise down the beautiful Hwy 1, and a day of fun at Half Moon Bay. 

If you follow us on Snapchat @jordwatches, you already saw my incredible Independence Day outfit. Happy birthday America!

Well, there you have it JORD fans, a small glimpse into how we spend out precious time. We hope you all enjoyed the long weekend as well. If you have suggestions for what we should do on the next long weekend, let us know in the comments below!

Till next time…


The JORD Team